I am an eager to learn, motivated and creative web developer with thorough understanding of usability, accessibility and style, clean code and beautiful, modern and elegant web solutions.

I am a developer who made a shift from studying and teaching human language as a means of communication from linguistic, social and artistic points of view to learning and using programming languages as a means of communication. Originally, I was trained in teaching languages and literature at school. After a while I came to understanding language in its philosophical broad sense of a means of communication. One of the examples of this “language” was photography and film.

I am also a passionate and inquisitive gooder always learning new (both human and programming) languages and techniques.

As a co-founder of Girl Code, I also try to inspire and mentor others by organizing the regular events, helping underrepresented groups to enter or stay in the field of programming. We strive for more diversity and equality in IT. Our mission is to inspire and motivate women and build up a community of the same thinkers who understand and support each other.

I believe I can be a real asset in a multidisciplinary team offering new ideas and insights to help solve problems in creative and user friendly ways. I am extremely interested in projects that have impact via social change and that help make the world a better place.


Skills and expertise